What is RPM?

RPM Root Production Method ®: The process that works with nature to produce superior plants.

Thanks to Wayne Lovelace, trees can yield twice the results in half the time!

Wayne Lovelace is the developer of the RPM (Root Production Method®). More than two decades of field research and countless years of experience culminated in a plant production process so unique, it's patented! We use superior seed stock, air-root pruning, special nutrition and soil and proper timing to produce the best plant stock on the market today. Download our two tree planting handouts. For Commercial Projects: Forrest Keeling Walk-A-Way™ System Link For Residential or Small-Scale Projects: RPM Planting and Care Guide Link

RPM gives you . . .

  • superior plant survivability--over 95%!
  • accelerated growth rate
  • extended planting season
  • increased success and profitability

RPM gives your plants . . .

  • vastly improved root system
  • better utilization of water and nutrients—through the life of the plant.

Your results are . . .

  • easier transplantability 
  • increased yields
  • fewer replacements--only 40-50 RPM trees are needed to canopy and regenerate one acre of land compared with several hundred bare root seedlings needed to achieve the same results
  • faster growth--up to 50% faster in diameter in the first 10 years
  • substantial labor savings

The bottom line?

RPM container-grown plants make good economic sense!