Home Landscape - Option C

Home Landscape - Option C

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Excellent collection for creating a native landscape bed with year-round interest around your home. 

This collection includes five native shrubs and two perennial wildflowers. It is based on Eden Village's 'Option C' landscape. Order the Forrest Keeling Home Landscape Option #3 @ $140 and save 15% over regular retail pricing.  No substitutions, please. 

           Acer rubrum – red maple

           Aronia melanocarpa – black chokeberry

           Hamamelis vernalis – spring witchhazel

           Hydrangea arborescens – wild hydrangea

           Hypericum prolificum – shrubby st. johnswort

           Coreopsis lanceolata – lanceleaf coreopsis

           Rudbeckia fulgida – orange coneflower

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